Agile Survey – Some Interesting facts!!

13th Annual State of Agile Survey Report released by CollabNet VersionOne reveals some interesting facts.  It is the largest and longest running Agile Survey (as claimed by CollabNet VersionOne and based on my experience I agree ). Report is based on the responses received from 1000+ respondents performing different roles in organizations of different sizes across the globe.

Though this Agile survey is sponsored by CollabNet VersionOne, only 17% of the respondents were their customers. Around 47% North American respondents indicate strong presence of US. But at the same time participants from other regions are also increasing every year. So this Agile Survey is really becoming global.

In this blog I provided summary of some interesting facts. You can see the full report at CollabNet

Scrum and SAFe are clear winners in this year’s Agile survey

Scrum is by far the most practiced Agile methodology.  54% respondents are using Scrum and additional 18% are using hybrid methodology which includes Scrum. Next one is Kanban which is used by 5% ( additional 8% are using Scrumban). 

In case of Scaling Agile methods, SAFe continues to be at the top with 30% share (As per 2018 Agile Survey SAFe’s share was 29%). Scrum of Scrums is used by 16% respondents while interestingly 19% respondent’s don’t know their scaling methodology. All other are still in single figures.

Agile Adoption and maturity  

 97% respondents report that their organizations are practicing Agile methods. As expected Agile adoption is growing across the world in all software organizations. But there are couple interesting facts to follow. Only 22% respondents state that all their teams are agile. As many as 48% respondents state that less than half of their teams are agile.

From Agile maturity perspective only few respondents (18%) report high level maturity with Agile practices. As per the rest Agile practices are still maturing while some (21%) are experimenting with Agile practices. Clearly software industry has still long way to go in Agile journey.

Agile Techniques and Practices

Daily Stand Up is clear winner (86%) in Agile Techniques closely followed by Sprint planning, Retrospectives and Sprint review (all are at 80%). Single team (Dev+ Test) and frequent releases are at 54% and 50% respectively.

In case of technical practices Unit Testing is winner (69%). Though everyone in industry now a days talk about CI/CD, as per the survey results we still have some way to go for deploying these practices. Continuous Integration is at 53%, Continuous Deployment is at 35%. Continuous Delivery which is new addition this year, is at 40%.

DevOps Transformation

DevOps Transformation is getting momentum. 48% respondents stated that Dev Ops initiative is currently underway and 25% stated that their organization is planning Dev Ops initiative in next 12 months. Vast majority of respondents (90%) said that DevOps transformation is important to their organization.

I am pleasantly surprised with the importance of Value Stream Management(VSM) received in this survey. Almost 85% respondents said that it is important to connect their organization’s business to its software delivery capability. VSM helps organizations in connecting their business with software delivery capability.

One last interesting fact before we close. All of us are talking about usage of automated Project Management tools for quite some time now. In Agile survey 65% respondents stated that they are using JIRA in their organization. But which tool is at number 2? It is Microsoft excel !! 48% respondents said that they are using Microsoft excel for Project Management (Respondents are allowed to make more than one selection). Microsoft project is at no.3 with 24%. and Microsoft TFS and Google Docs are at no. 4 and 5 respectively.

When same participants were asked about recommended project management tool; 82% said VersionOne and 78% responded JIRA. But here as well Google Docs (50%) and Microsoft Excel (29%) managed to get descent share.

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