Why Agile

  • By delivering working software regularly (monthly to weekly) it is possible to achieve fast results, high flexibility, and a very short time-to-market.
  • By working closely with the business & end users, continuously discussing what features have the highest business value for them, and delivering these first, it is possible to deliver value fast. Leads to high end user acceptance.
  • Because of the short development cycles (from one week to one month) the progress and status of projects is highly transparent. Any anomalies can be signaled soon and can be acted upon.
  • The delivered software is adapted and tested in each development cycle by both the development team and the end users. It ensures that the right software built and of high quality.

Agile Transformation Approach

We use Scrum Framework as a base of for our Agile Transformation. It is the most widely used and proven framework for developing, delivering and sustaining complex products. But in addition to Scrum we also use practices from other widely accepted frameworks in industry such as Lean, Extreme Programming, SAFe and DevOps so that you can get the best business value from Agile Transformation. ​

We understand that each organization is different and hence customized our Agile Transformation steps as per the context of the organization.

Following is high level overview of Agile Transformation Approach

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