The sole objective of our Reward for Referral(RFR) policy is to reward our most important stakeholders (You, our customers) for showing trust on us and helping our brand to grow.

Under this policy you get 10% cashback (of the fees you have paid) for each of your referral. You are eligible as soon as you enroll for our any of our training.

How it works

You can get benefits from our RFR policy by following few simple steps mentioned below –

  • Register to any of our Trainings by paying your fees. You will be automatically part of our RFR program.
  • Tell your friend/ colleague abut our courses and recommend him to join the course.
  • At the time of registration on our website your friend/colleague need to provide your name, contact number and email id (Make sure you have used same contact number and email id for your registration). 
  • We will send confirmation email to you.
  • If for some reason your referral can not provide your details, then you can also send email to us with referral details (Name, email id and contact number)
  • Once we receive confirmation, we will transfer money (10% of the fees you have paid) to your bank account once the training is complete.
  • Both, you and your referral can be part of same training program.
  • In order to get the benefit of our RFR program, both of you (you and your referral) need to complete the training. Amount will be transferred only after both of you complete your training.
  • As of now there is no limit on the no. of referrals.  

Changes to RFR Policy

This policy content may change time to time. We reserve the right to change the terms of policy at any time.


Please write to [email protected]

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